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Psychological Safety in the Workplace

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Under WHS laws, PCBUs must eliminate or minimise psychosocial risks so far as is reasonably practicable. To have legal effect in a jurisdiction, the model Code of Practice must be approved as a code of practice in that jurisdiction.  The first step in the risk management process is to identify the hazards. Your workers may talk about their exposure to psychosocial hazards in different ways. 

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Psychosocial hazards can cause psychological and physical harm. On average, work-related psychological injuries have longer recovery times, higher costs, and require more time away from work. Managing the risks associated with psychosocial hazards not only protects workers, it also decreases the disruption associated with staff turnover and absenteeism, and may improve broader organisational performance and productivity.

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Under the model WHS laws, a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), such as an employer, must eliminate or minimise psychosocial risks so far as is reasonably practicable.  The things at work that can harm mental health are known as psychosocial hazards. 

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We work with you as a PCBU to consult, so far as is reasonably practicable, with workers who carry out work for the business or undertaking and who are (or are likely to be) directly affected by a work health and safety matter.   If you and your workers have agreed procedures for consultation, it must be conducted in accordance with those procedures.  Effective consultation with workers improves decision-making about health and safety matters and assists in reducing work-related injuries and illness. Workers can identify tasks or aspects of their work that cause or expose them to psychosocial hazards and may have practical suggestions / potential solutions to address hazards.

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Workers from diverse backgrounds may be exposed to different psychosocial hazards. You must consult with all workers, in particular workers with vulnerabilities, who are likely to be directly affected by particular psychosocial hazards. For example, women, young workers, those from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds, LGBTIQA+ workers and workers with disability are more likely to experience workplace sexual harassment and should be provided with the opportunity to participate in these consultations (which may take different forms), along with all workers who are likely to be directly affected.

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Our Team come from diverse backgrounds brining the experience of exposure to different psychosocial hazards. We can help you consult with all workers, in particular workers with vulnerabilities, who are likely to be directly affected by particular psychosocial hazards

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All of our consultation will include any Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) representing your workers. References to consultation with workers in this Code includes consultation with any HSRs where we provide workers with a reasonable opportunity to raise psychosocial health and safety issues, express their views and contribute to decision-making.

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When consulting with your workers our team will share relevant information, give workers a reasonable opportunity to express their views, raise health and safety issues and contribute to the decision-making process and take those views into account before making decisions on health and safety matters. We will also advise workers of the outcome of consultations in a timely manner.

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